Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom: The Son of Such Tears

In his Confessions (Book III, Chapter XII), St. Augustine recounts the advice his mother (St. Monica) received from a certain Bishop concerning her wayward son:
"Only pray to the Lord in his behalf. He will find out by reading what is the character of that error and how great is its impiety." ... [S]he still would not keep quiet, but by her entreaties and flowing tears urged him all the more to see me and discuss matters with me, he became a little vexed and said: "Go away from me now. As you live, it is impossible that the son of such tears should perish." As she was often wont to recall in her conversations with me, she took this as if it had sounded forth from heaven.

"Tantum roga pro eo Dominum; ipse legendo reperiet, quis ille sit error et quanta impietas." ... [I]lla nollet adquiescere, sed instaret magis deprecando et ubertim flendo, ut me videret et mecum dissereret, ille iam substomachans taedio: "Vade - inquit - a me; ita vivas, fieri non potest, ut filius istarum lacrimarum pereat".

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  1. Genjlcgettys just informed me about your fine blog, which has now found its way into my bookmarks. You, as well as your fellow seminarians, are in my prayers. The Lord be with you!

    ~Dr. K